I’m Paul. I’m a chemical engineer.

Welcome to Rank Spray.

Although Paul's days are now spent waging war upon all things rancid and foul-smelling, his old life was spent with Proctor & Gamble, aka P&G–think Tide, Gillette, Crest, Head & Shoulders, etc. You may know them as laundry detergent snacks, sexy razor commercials, 3D White Strips and Troy Polamalu’s luscious mane. He started low and quickly worked his way up: operations, plant manager, director of product supply for North America, and he was eventually responsible for manufacturing around the world. Daddy was busy. 

He was fortunate to work with manufacturing, engineering, purchasing, distribution, chain management. He worked on everything from deodorants to oral care to fabric care by huge names like Downy and Febreze. When Febreze was being developed he learned all about the world of odor-eliminating technology. It was then that he donned his Padawan braid in defense of all scents fresh, citrusy, and sweet, and turned his back on the wicked wafts of stank.

He left P&G to work for Kik Custom Products where he became head of operations and traveled the world, but it wasn’t an ideal lifestyle. Still, it was high level experience that, like P&G, was extremely valuable to him, and he's very grateful for his time with both groups.

Years later, he went to work for For Every Body as the CEO. (He eventually married the owner, but that’s a different story.) This is when ideas about improved technology for odor elimination kicked in. It was time for Padawan to become Master. He knew back in his P&G days when they were creating Febreze that the technology wasn’t designed for odor elimination, rather, it was an odor masking agent–and it used unpleasant, dangerous chemicals.

Insert Nerdy Explanation Here:

Febreze uses cyclodextrin which means the molecules of the spray attach and wrap around odor molecules at the point of contact, but those odor molecules still exist. It’s akin to throwing a blanket over the smell, but the odor will seep out over time. Also, Febreze uses enzymes. He saw people developing health issues when exposed to enzymes, and he knew there had to be a better way. His mission was to offer a safe and natural product that actually eliminates the odor, not just mask it.

He worked with some suppliers, channeled his inner mad scientist, and started experimenting. His initial testing was successful. He had a product that worked! It was safe on skin and safe for kids and pets. Then, he met a policeman who was former military telling him how their bulletproof vests absolutely reek. Literally. They’re very smelly because they sweat in their vest, and since they wear it against their skin, it’s a hotspot for irritation and stench. He knew he had to do his part to defend the peace against the stank while our brave officers did their part to defend our peace.

Thus, the first generation of his product, Arrest My Vest, was born. We’ve had much success since, so we’ve branched out our technology to vanquish many other dimensions of stink.

Our mission is simple: To make YOUR world smell like a smile.

Rank Spray exists so your nostrils don’t have to be hounded by a funk. Without harmful chemicals, you can sniff and whiff in peace knowing you and your world will smell better, safer.