How OAM Works

Rank Spray

The muscle behind the juice.

You get our propietary Odor Absorbing Molecule technology that defeats the funk!

How OAM Works

1 - Identifies the odor
2 - OAM bonds with odor
3 - OAM absorbs the odor
4 - OAM breaks down odor
5 - Odor is eliminated

Safe, Natural, Guaranteed

Rank Spray is vegan, biodegradable, non-toxic and without harmful chemicals, enzymes or nerve agents. It is safe to use everywhere as it is a medical grade material.

Never masks odors. Always eliminates odors Guaranteed! Strong enough for a skunk, yet safe enough around kids and pets. ​Breathe easier with Rank Spray with OAM.

If you're spraying something other than Rank Spray, chances are you're spraying harmful chemicals-possibly even nerve agents-into your air.

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